About Us

Indian Run Environmental Education Center, LLC (IREEC) promotes knowledge and stewardship of Pennsylvania wildlife and its ecosystems through traveling educational programs of different topics, which can include live animals such as hawks, owls and reptiles, most of which are native to PA and northeastern states.

Our Animal Ambassadors

Hawks and owls add a unique element to our programs. Each of the birds in our care are impaired due to injuries sustained in the wild and are therefore not releasable. These birds now act as ambassadors to their species, teaching and inspiring children and adults alike.

All birds of prey, as well as their feathers, talons and other bio facts used are held under special permits issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Our scaly educators, the snakes and turtle, each have their own personal stories and serve as memorable visitors in various programs.

We also use visuals, demonstrations, and many bio facts such as feathers, furs, other pelts, and skulls, with which audience members can interact.

Our Audiences

IREEC provides programs and exhibits for schools and Scout groups, businesses, conservation clubs, retirement centers, libraries, birthday and wedding celebrations, fairs and other venues.